Products my hair has been loving...

Wondering how I achieve long and full hair? It might have something to do with living 2 miles from the ocean, BUT I'd like to think that it's because of the way I care for it! 

"Don't you want to just cut it all off?" ... My answer to this question 10 out of 10 will be a hard NO!!! I've been growing my hair out since the 3rd grade, when my oldest sister thought my little cousin and I would look cute if she took us to get our hair cut... we got bobs (my mother was not too happy with her... she's 12 years older than me just fyi). At the time she was like a mom to me so I trusted the fact that she thought this was the right decision for me. Freak no, that was not a cute time (at least I think so now), and that growing out process was even worse. It took me until senior year of college to grow it out, BUT with this came very dead hair from straightening it almost everyday throughout middle and high school. I then realize that if I wanted to have long hair... I needed to start taking care of that long hair.  The most my hair grew, was probably from freshman year of college to a little after my senior year of college. I owe that to my mother for cutting it for me!! By no means was she a hair stylist, but she knew exactly how I liked it...  and I mean she's a seamstress, so that's not far off right??? Anyways, her cutting my hair 1-2 inches every few months was so crucial to allowing it to continually grow and grow in healthy. 

I then started experimenting with multiple hair masks, hair products as well as trying my hardest not using heat on my hair too often. (I know ladies this is hard, but I know most women have beautiful natural hair, and if you don't... there's product for that!) And if any of my friends are reading this they might be rolling their eyes because they know I do have a natural curl (at the bottom of my hair), BUT twirling your hair around for hours until it's dry to me is't natural, it takes work, and sometimes doesn't even turn out the way I like it. So there!

Which brings me to my topic today. Product, product, product... I love me some hair products! As you can see by the pictures there are a few brands that I'm sure most of you know right off the bat, and a few that I have never even heard about until I received them in a few Ipsy boxes I receive once a month. Which BTW are the best and I highly recommend if you're very experimental with haircare, skincare and makeup! #notanad 

1. Masking Must Haves:

DryBar - MUDSLIDE Nourishing Hair Mask : This product is AMAZING. I mean... I love all things Drybar and that could be me being bias since I have a sister that works for them... but this product is just... YES! I live for hair masks, and live for trying new ones, but this has by far been the most consistent when it comes to keeping my hair feeling hydrated and my ends from looking super dull. I will forever recommend this product, and it's perfect for those who are always on-the-go/traveling and need a quick hair fix!

Theorie - Detoxifying Hair Mask : SO, this was the first mask that I've used that contains granulated charcoal... and I LOVE IT! What it does is it works to detoxify each strand by removing impurities, toxins and product buildup without stripping your hair of its natural oils. My hair has been loving it and I think loving me a little more after I started incorporating this product on a monthly basis! 

2. All Things Texture & Volume:

DryBar - DETOX Dry Shampoo : My ride OR die. Will never love another dry shampoo more. Others have been close, but none and I mean NONE will ever compete with Drybar's detox dry shampoo. Not only does it help me on those days where I do a light workout or days where I am running errands all day in the California sun, it doesn't just help with the grease it really gives my hair a voluminous look that no other dry shampoo has helped me achieve! 

Ouai - Volume Spray : When I do blow-dry my hair and want to go for more volume, this is the spray I've been using! Just got a new one from my Ipsy box and it couldn't have come at a better time. I just spray it into my damp hair from root to tip and then blow dry as usual. That is when I usually use the next product pictured... Context - Texture Mist. I've been loving this texture mist and it's a perfect top-off after a fresh blowout for that messy yet put-together look we all try and achieve, especially in SoCal. #winkwink

Context - Volume Boost: This product is super simple. Wash your hair as normal, let it towel or air dry as you would do, and then spray it into the roots a pretty little boost to your boring air dry! I use this when I come across plans I wasn't expecting to have, or if Way just wants to randomly go get dinner or lunch and I need to get ready fast. I've been using it a little over a month and it works great for my hair, therefore I'm highly recommending it. 

My Everyday Sprays

Organix - Sunkissed Blonde Lemon Highlights : I use this product every. single. day, especially in the summer. Let's face it I live in sunny California now, where even in the winter the sun is still shining. With the sun comes my natural highlights, which by the way I love about my hair, and was another reason I would dread the NY winters, because with that came my pale skin and darker hair. Now, that's no problem for me thank goodness, and this product has always been my special boost to aid in bringing out those natural highlights just that much quicker + stay that much longer! 

Context - Renew Styling Mist : This is another product I use weekly, because it helps you achieve that sleek look in no time. A few sprays of this before styling it however I want, whether I'm going to be using my wand or straightener on my hair. Love it! 

Fresh Hair Heros : 

DryBar - HOT TODDY Heat & UV Protection : Again, this is a MUST HAVE product, especially when it comes to putting heat on your hair. Like I've mentioned, I don't like to blow dry or use heating tools too often... but when I know I will be, you KNOW I will be using this product! It's super easy just put the product on clean damp hair and make sure to evenly distribute throughout your hair. That's it, then style as usual with the peace of mind that you've done something to "try" and protect your beloved hair. 

Pure Brazilian - Leave-In Conditioner with Keratin : I've been using this product for the past month now and you just can't beat the smell #amaze.  A few sprays throughout your hair and for me its helped it dry less frizzy, with a smooth/soft finish! It's pretty inexpensive, if you click the product name you can check it out,  I found out it's sold at Walmart + on Amazon (for my prime people). 

I sincerely hope that for anyone on the fence about any of these products, that I could have aided in any decision to purchase. I have been loving them all lately and would recommend them to any friends/fellow bloggers! PSA: I never post about brands that I'm not personally in love with and for some it's the products and others just their overall aesthetics! SO, thank you all for reading this far IF you have, and comment below other topics you'd like me to explore... because it's up to YOU. Thanks again for reading!!