Back to Basics

All Photography by Marcel Dutch


Isaiah's Outfit: Hat: En Nior,  Jacket: ZARA , Shirt: Topman, Pant: All Saints, Loafers:  Doc Marten


Isaiah Notes:  As much as I travel, there’s nothing like that feeling of going home after a long period of time. Washington DC is always changed each time I come back to visit whether it’s more expensive transit or new restaurants and coffee shops  getting built in my neighborhood.  Amara forced me out in the city on this beautiful sunny day to rekindle the relationship with me and the city I was born and raised in. It’s something about home that always influences me to dress preppy, I don’t know if it’s the political setting or the historical landmarks but school boy chic was the look I was pushing for that day. I just purchased that En Nior cap which was kind of pricy but sometimes it’s essential that you add those new investment statements to add to the wardrobe to keep you evolving and I’m absolutely obsessed. It matched perfectly with my biker Zara jacket and my go to edgy but polished doc marten loafers.